Funded Projects That Have Been Completed

Consortium for Virtual Operations Research (CVOR)
1997 - 2001
Oil & Gas Industry
Measuring and Predicting Reservoir Heterogeneity in Complex Deposystems
1991 - 1993
Department of Energy
Microbial Desulfurization of West Virginia Bituminous
1992 - 1993
Nat. Res. Center for Coal and Energy, Min. & Mineral Resources Res. Ins.
Artificial Neural Networks, A New Tool for Petroleum Industry
1993 - 1995
Coal and Energy Res. Bureau, Consolidated Nat. Gas Trans. Corp.
Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Using Biofilters
1993 - 1994
Department of Energy
Development of Standard Test Protocols and Barrier Design Models for In Situ Formed Barriers
1994 - 1996
Department of Energy
A Fuzzy Logic-based Expert Consultation System (FLECS) for Coalbed Methane Control and Degasification, Based on WVU MMSS System and Integrating the USBM METHPRO System
1994 - 1996
National Research Center for Coal and Energy
Virtual Hydraulic Fracture System; Application of Computational Intelligence in Hydraulic Fracture Design and Development
1995 - 1996
National Research Center for Coal and Energy
Establishment of a World Wide Web (WWW) Site for the National Environmental Education and Training Center
1995 - 1996
National Environmental Education and Training Center
College of Engineering and Mineral Resources Virtual Classroom on the Internet
1997 - 1998
State College and University Systems of West Virginia
Developing a Virtual Classroom on the Internet for Freshman Engineering 1 and 2
2000 - 2001
Division of Extended Learning, WVU
An Intelligent Systems Approach for High Resolution, Inter-well Oil Reservoir Characterization
2000 - 2001
Department of Energy
Development of Data Driven Computer Applications for Optimization of Upstream Petroleum Operations
2000 - 2002
Gas Technology Institute
Identification and Demonstration of Preferred Upstream Management Practices (PUMP) for the Oil Industry
2001 - 2003
Gas Technology Institute
Northern Appalachian Coalbed Methane Assessment
Gas Technology Institute
An Intelligent Systems Approach to Reservoir Characterization
2003 - 2005
U.S. Department of Energy
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Horizontal Well Configurations for CBM Production.
Gas Storage Field Deliverability Enhancement and Maintenance: An Intelligent Portfolio Management Approach
2004 - 2006
U.S. Department of Energy through Gas Storage Consortium managed by Penn State University
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Data-Knowledge Fusion, Application to Forensic Crime Scene Glass Identification Database.
National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Current TOTAL
GRAND TOTAL = $ 7,869,880